Tuesday, May 18, 2010

He Stole My Quote!!!

Came across this article in the SF Chronicle the other day.


They quote a guy named Hank Pellissier, who says running barefoot is like unprotected sex.

Its the same damn thing I said on my post from March 5th!


Echhh...the whole world is going to think barefoot runners & vibram wearers hate condoms.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Goodbye KSO's

You served me well. May you challenge someone else now.

Monday, May 3, 2010


My VFF Sprints finally came today. Here they are, brand new and unscathed, next to my smelly, chewed up, KSO's.

The KSO's were my introduction to the world of the VFF. But as time went by, the limitations of the KSO have become apparent. The stitches that bind the uppers together aren't that strong. The first big tear occurred two months after I purchased them when planted my foot sideways against a curb, stretching then ripping the upper. The mesh is supposed to be breathable. But it wasn't breathable enough so that my feet wouldn't stink up the insides. The dusty white material you see here and there is the foot powder I was using during the final weeks to kill the stench and to prevent the shoes from giving me athletes foot.

Hopefully the Sprints will be more durable and less stinky. It has fewer stitched areas, so less opportunities for ripping. The big open area in the center should ventilate the shoes.

All that being said, the KSO's are (for me at least) the archetypal VFF. Whenever I bumped into another VFF wearer, they were wearing a KSO's. Also, because the black material contrasted so strongly with my pale ankles, they attracted a lot of notice from people on the street, passengers in cars passing by, and fellow students at my Krav Maga school. I essentially became a walking advertisement for the entire VFF line.