Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I HATE YOU Mark Kurlansky!

Recently I started reading Mark Kurlansky's "Big Oyster: History on a Half Shell."


I had read Kurlansky's first world history via food book "Cod" many years back. The Goddamn "Cod" book gave me ferocious cravings for canned and preserved fish. All the recipes involving salt cod and various cod organs were downright destructive.

That being said, it was a wonderful book.

"Big Oyster" had the same effect as "Cod." Midway through the book, Kurlansky starts putting in oyster recipes and anecdotes about oyster eating in 17th and 18th century New York. Over the past two days I tried to suppress my oyster eating urges. I tried to visualize the most excessive of the ancient oyster recipes -- such as stuffing a whole chicken with 100+ raw oysters then baking the monster.

No use. I broke this evening. Read the next post.....

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