Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Nicest Day of the Year....

...was today.

Went out with the Sports Basement cycling group. Started from the Sports Basement Presidio branch, crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, headed up to Mill Valley towards Mt. Tam.

Wacky -- this was probably the only time this year riding through Crissy Field and across the Golden Gate Bridge that I didn't have to deal with a headwind or a crosswind. The difference it makes in speed is tremendous. I was going 2-3 MPH faster along the Marina and across the Golden Gate Bridge than normal.

I'd thought I was getting weak and old because I couldn't peddle at high speed on the flats like I did when I was a seventeen year old back in Jersey. Now I know why -- it's not that I'm old and weak, its because San Francisco is a cold windy and nasty place to ride a bike during the Summer.


The pictures below capture just how nice it was today.

This was the view going along the Sausalito marina up towards Fort Point.

This was the view on the way back up to the Golden Gate Bridge from Fort Point.

Days like this, I think the Greenh0use Effect ain't such a bad thing.

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