Monday, May 25, 2009

I Climbed California Part Two

On the way back from a group ride in the East Bay, I decided to do something I've feared doing.

I rode a bike up from the Embarcadero up to the top the California Street hill.

I had run up California Street multiple times for training. Bike riding up the hill was something I always avoided. My logic has been that if it sucks ass running up the hill, it will be even worse cycling up it. I also feared that the two block section leading up to Stockton Street and heading up to Powell Street would be too steep for me, that I would stall mid-way up and fall sideways to the laughter of all the tourists.

Well I didn't stall, but it wasn't easy.

I was able to stay in the saddle from Kearny Street to Grant Street. Just as I passed Grant I came across a gaggle of tourists on the side of the road. I saw a lady among them pointing a digital camera at me. Without thinking I said to them,

"How ya doin'"

I was greeted with cheers and fist pumping. Great to have people cheering me on when I'm doing something really stupid.

As expected, the sections leading up to Stockton and Powell were harder. Had to get out of the saddle for two blocks. It was bad, but I knew it would be bad, so it really wasn't so hard. By the time I passed Powell Street, I was sitting back in the saddle.

After climbing California Street, maybe the Seven Hells Ride isn't so insurmountable now...

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  1. Congratulations! That would be a very tough hill to ride up!