Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Control Experiment

Did a follow up to the simple pork rib recipe. Wanted to see if I could replicate the same results using beef ribs I purchased from Cala market -- a far cry from the boutique Niman Ranch meat I got from the smaller corner store.

The recipe was basically the same;

Half a rack of beef ribs
garlic rubbed on the ribs
dried rosemary

Broiled it on both sides to give it color and flavor, then wrapped it up in tinfoil, and left it alone for 30 minutes at 400 degrees. Results are below;

From Storehouse

The results -- mixed.

The good;

-Very juicy.
-Lots of meat flavor, the limited spice and herbs didn't smother the meat

The problem -- it wasn't nearly as tender as the pork ribs from the night before. Two things might be going on.

One, as I said before, these aren't premium ribs like the Niman Ranch ones I had the other night. The lack of tenderness may reflect this.

Two, beef ribs might just be harder to work with then pork ribs.

If it is the former, then my simple rib technique is only really applicable to premium ribs. If it is the later, then maybe I just need to cook beef ribs for longer -- maybe a full hour. This would still be less than the 2 hour marathon bbq recipes I keep on coming across.

Will follow up.

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