Sunday, August 23, 2009

The First Sausage of the Year

I brought out the sausage maker for the first time in 2009.

Our friends G&S were having their housewarming party. Their grill is on the small side, so grilled oysters (my original plan) wasn't such a good idea. So I decided to do sausage.

This time, however, I decided to use a different approach. My sausage maker comes with three extruders -- a thin one that is good for breakfast sausages, a medium size one that I usually use and seems to be standard size for sausages I see at supermarkets, and a large size one that I had never worked with. The large size one always seemed a bit --- big.

Unfortunately, some of my previous experiences using the medium size extruder had been traumatic. The sausage casing slipped on really easily, but was too big for the meat. Lots of air pockets. Lots of wrinkled sausages. Also -- too much sausage. Nobody could consume 4 feet of medium sized sausage -- it was too much all at once.

So I decided this time, to use the large bore. The overall length of the master sausage was shorter, but it was much shorter, and a much more robust tube of meat.

The compare the pictures below to the shots from the last time I wrote about sausages on this blog.

From Storehouse

From Storehouse

Notice the size difference?

As I brought them to the grill, one of our friends said,

"Now that's a sausage that'll make a girl proud!"

As I brought the cooked sausages to the table, nobody dared try to eat one on their own. I had to slice them into smaller pieces. Even the small pieces were more than a mouthful for a lot of people.

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