Monday, March 23, 2009

Finding Renewed Faith Through CrossFit

Lately I've taken some of the CrossFit classes at my Krav Maga school. At first I was very intimidated. The other conditioning classes had been very squat heavy, destroying my knees and quads. I had been warned the CrossFit class was a muscle killing experience.

The warnings were on the money. The volume of push-ups, burpees, lunge steps, sit ups, squats, etc., way exceed anything I've done in a very longtime. The instructor's also have a habit of throwing a curve ball into the workout -- like slapping a 25 lb plate on your back and then telling you to do several sets of push-ups.

Also -- that's the easy half of the class. The harder group gets stuff much more vicious.

After this evening's CrossFit workout I felt something that I hadn't felt since my earliest triathlons -- a sense of achieving something, of coming across a hard physical obstacle and defeating it. Walking out the door of the gym my quads and knees were shot to hell, but I walked out feeling happy.

Its good to have that feeling again.

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