Sunday, March 1, 2009

Watch U Talkin' About Willis?

Had an unusual wedding anniversary yesterday. I offered M several options as far as things to do -- ballet, jazz, the opera, the symphony. As a gag, I sent her a link to Fog City Wrestling's monthly event.

Take a guess which one she picked!

It was a good idea though. This particular edition was the debut of Todd Bridges AKA Willis from Different Strokes. Remember him?

Bridges was on a tag team for the final event of the night. He had gotten bigger and buffer from when he was a teenage star. But he had to be 100 lbs lighter than the rest of those steroid junkees that wrestle professionally.

His bout was the most theatrical of the evening. Bridges -- in proper pro wrestling style -- finished out with a bang, He betrayed his tag team partner by wacking him in the back with an aluminum briefcase.

Wonder what would happen if Gary Coleman became a pro wrestler.

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  1. That sounds like a fantastically fun anniversary!!!!