Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Climbed California

My Crossfit class put together a team for the 2009 Climb California event.

Fifty two stories, 1197 steps, a lot of hacking.

On paper the entire team did all the right training. We practiced together a few times on the Lyon Street steeps. Four times up 300 steps in a drop dead gorgeous neighborhood. The views and architecture softened the pain in my lungs and thighs. I also trained a little indoors. My logic was that outdoor steps aren't really the same as a twisting staircase.

Even with the training it was still VERY HARD. There was something about the air in the stairwells. It was hot and stuffy, a little dusty. Aroma's also seemed to linger. Somewhere around the 15th floor someone farted a nasty one -- and I ran right into the cloud of stink. I had a strange blood-like flavor in the back of my throat after I finished. I was going to try to jog my way up the steps, alternating every 10 stories with short sections of walking up the steps. I ended up walking up most of the way.

Still, the views from the top made worth it. These are shots from the Carnellian Room, where they issued out all the schwag to the runners.

From Drop Box

A lot of people were downing beers and bloody mary's. In retrospect, I probably should have done the same thing. A little booze (just a little) after a workout like this would have have been nice. It was worth the pain though.

From Drop Box

Now if only my knees would stop aching...

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