Thursday, February 19, 2009

Not So F@#@-ing Krav Maga

At the recommendation of the instructor who witnessed my knuckle shredding, I took a couple of the other conditioning classes.

Earlier in the week I took the Conditioning class, today I took TRX, the suspension strap class.

Conditioning -- a very hard cardio workout. The instructor was definitely one of the tougher trainers in the school. I haven't done so many burpees and squats in a very long time. My butt and hamstrings have gotten progressively more sore since that evening's class. Sitting down and getting up from my office chair is a chore. She also had us a do a deceptively rough exercise that was a forward lunge with a medicine ball held straight above our heads -- a lat killer.

TRX -- not that hard on the upper body, but a middle section where we suspended our feet a foot off the ground while in a plank position broke the class. The instructor had us do a series of moves -- bringing the knees straight towards the chest, to the sides, both legs up the sides at the same time like a frog, etc. Doesn't sound like much, and it didn't seem like much. It was then that I, and so many others in class, found out how weak our core muscles are. There were a lot of people (myself included) who had to break position, sweating and huffing in frustration and pain.

I got a bad feeling that everytime I laugh over the next few days I'll feel sharp needles of pain all over my gut.

So thus far my knuckles, butt, hamstrings, knees, and stomach, are shot.

Still got to take the Crossfit class. Going by whats happened thus far, sometime in the middle of the week, I'll be complaining about my shoulders, arms, and back, getting chewed up.

Triathlons are EASY compared to this sh#@.

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